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Dreamy Girl

Face :

Prantika Das

Camera :

Fujifilm XT-4 with 16-80mm F4

Nikon D850 with 50mm F1.8g

Godox AD300 pro

After a long time planning a shoot with together, we finally got availability matched. Starting off the day with a surprise room upgrade from the hotel staff with a beautiful room and view off course. Everything was on time but Prantika was feeling sick the last moment but still she managed to arrive, and she pulled off the pictures unexpectedly. Beginning with the first look of dreamy girl with dreamy dress and here she flaunts flawlessly.

After that we tried to experiment some odd casual looks.

And she got more sick, I had to arrange for immediate medicine. After a short lunch and a little break, I proposed to shoot for my towel series. She was quite a hesitant, but was willing to give it a try. First few shots showed how conscious she was with her body, it was just minutes and she gave amazing looks for me to capture her in raw style.

Amazed by her looks, final look was a patent hotel robe look.

That was the end of the day with a few beautiful pictures.

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